Remembering David Yudovin

From time to time, a guitar comes to us with the designation “this guitar was donated to our non-profit charitable organization, the GSI Foundation,” signifying that a generous donor has gifted this instrument to us. In turn, we sell the guitar through GSI, and use proceeds from the sale to benefit music education in public schools that are finding themselves under-funded. These donations have had a deep impact on our community, and here are a few words from some of the beneficiaries of this program:

“Sometimes I have a lot of things going on in my life and it is very stressful. So, sometimes I just play my violin to get out stress.” – José, Fourth Grader, Sendak Elementary

“Music can be a powerful tool in helping to close the achievement gaps that plague American schools. And the GSI Foundation is providing that kind of support in Los Angeles public schools. Studies show that children who receive musical training in school also tend to be more civically engaged and maintain higher grade-point averages than children who don’t. In short, music education can address many of the systemic problems in public education when included as a part of the regular school day curriculum. The GSI Foundation makes this possible for hundreds of students in LAUSD.” – Larry Newman, Director, Children’s Music Workshop

“Learning music expands the brain. Our teachers are so driven by test scores but there are kids who gravitate towards music and perform better with music in their lives. There are other ways to move kids forward than just academics.” – Mr. Wing Kwan Leung, LAUSD Principal

We’d like to share the story of Beth Yudovin, who has donated her late husband’s entire collection to the Foundation. We were fortunate enough to have known David Yudovin well, a long-time customer and friend of GSI. He came in often and talked of his passion for guitars and the ocean. He was both a successful businessman, as the owner of Ocean Crystal Seafood, and a competitive ocean swimmer. He was generous, honest, and kind, and his spirit glowed.

That generosity was both shared and expressed by Beth when she decided to donate David’s entire collection of 7 guitars to our program. Beth truly understands the mission of the GSI Foundation: seeing the guitars put to good use in order to benefit music programs in our community. We are grateful for people like the Yudovins, who continue to give back to the music community that left such an impression on their lives, as a constant source of inspiration for them.

If you have an instrument that you would like to donate or would like more information about our program or how to donate your instrument, please contact us at

The Yudovin collection included: