A Well-Deserved Gift

Under the direction of Nicolas Montalvo, La Mirada’s Benton Middle School guitar ensemble has grown in the last 5 years to become a highly accomplished and deserving group.  Not only have they performed at community fundraisers and local events, they have also received Gold ratings for performances at Forum Music Festivals.  The only problem:  their guitars are falling apart and they don’t have the budget to replace them.  This year, the GSI Foundation has given Benton Middle School 30 brand new guitars to help them continue to reach their goals!

Benton Students after a concert with Director Nicolas Montalvo
Benton guitarists receiving a Gold Rating award after a festival performance


“Benton students are so happy to be playing their new Cordoba guitars”, Montalvo writes. Their previous guitars were cracking at the seams and falling apart, and the donation was a well-needed boost to the program. 


Each year, the GSI Foundation makes donations like these and others to music programs in public schools in Los Angeles and beyond.  We are honored to be able to help deserving students like these.  You can become a part of our mission as well!  Donate here to help further music education in public schools with the GSI Foundation!