Benton Middle School students perform to thank the GSI Foundation

Guitar students from Benton Middle School perform at the Institute of Vietnamese studies
Benton Middle School students after receiving guitars from the GSI Foundation

At the end of 2019 Benton Middle School reached out to us asking for help as their old stock of guitars used by their classical guitar ensembles had been dwindling and many of their instruments needed repairs or replacement. Hearing this, GSI Foundation immediately decided to donate 30 brand new “Cordoba” classical guitars to the program so children could continue playing in classical guitar ensembles and keep taking group guitar classes.

A few days ago we’ve received a wonderful message from Jaxon Williams, a guitarist who worked with us on this particular donation, who said that a group of students from Benton Middle School came to his concert for the Vietnamese-American Classical Guitar Society in Westminster, CA and performed their repertoire to express their gratitude to the GSI Foundation for donating guitars. 

We’re very happy to know that the instruments which we’ve donated are in good hands! You can find the videos of the Benton Middle School students’ performance below.