GSI Foundation on YouTube

Since publishing the first video back in 2009, the aim of the GSI YouTube channel has been to help educate the music community on the subtle qualities and rich history of our wonderful instrument. As this mission falls directly in line with the educational goals of the GSI Foundation, the creative direction of the channel was turned over to the Foundation after its establishment in 2011. Now 900 videos and 20 million views later, we continue to produce and curate engaging content that fulfills our commitment to educating the community. Here are a few of the new ways we are doing just that now and in the years to come!

Our brand new series, dubbed Mini-Docs, takes our educational efforts to a whole new level. Each episode features the story of either a rare historical instrument with a fascinating background, such as Bouchet’s #2 which in 1947 launched the French School of luthiery, or a unique contemporary instrument like Edmund Blochinger’s 2017 “Dome” guitar (see below) which was built with 800-year-old spruce that once supported the roof of Germany’s famous Frauenkirche. With this series, we hope to demonstrate that all guitars “come from somewhere” and each has its own amazing backstory. Whether it’s in the wood it is made out of or the physical environment that inspired its design, each guitar has its own story which gives it a distinct personality. 

The GSI.U educational series is a fun space to share performances by students of any level and to look at all aspects of learning about guitars. From how to play them (of course!) to how to change your strings, how they’re made, how to use all those accessories, and tons more, GSI.U encourages everyone to share their love of all things guitar in a safe and respectful space. The only rule is to bring your passion and enthusiasm.

On our Shorts playlist, we will be uploading brief performance videos that show off many of the great instruments that pass through our doors. While these will all have the same great audio quality as our full-length performance videos, they will be shot with a simple one-camera setup, allowing us to document a larger number of guitars than ever before and give listeners an immediate impression of how these instruments sound and play. Within this playlist, you will also find our “First Look” videos which feature a member of the GSI team discussing special elements of recently acquired guitars along with short performance excerpts that demonstrate their overall sonic quality.

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