GSI Foundation, GSI and Córdoba Guitars become the official sponsors of the IV Granada Guitar Festival!

The International Granada Guitar Festival is one of most important guitar festivals in the world nowadays. Guitar Salon International and the GSI Foundation have been providing support to the European Guitar Foundation that has been organizing this festival for a few years now. Even this year, the festival was supposed to be held in person and was to attract students from both Spain and the United States, but the plans had to change due to the COVID-19 lockdown. The artistic director of the festival, Vicente Coves Merino, has reached out to us and let us know that despite this obstacle, the festival is going to be held virtually! Therefore, the GSI Foundation together with Guitar Salon International and Córdoba guitars has donated $3,750 to support this initiative. 

This festival is a great example of an event that connects people worldwide through the love of classical guitar music. Each year, the festival holds guitar concerts, masterclasses and offers scholarships for guitar students from Southern California. Granada’s festival also holds one of the most prestigious guitar building competitions in the world – the Annual Antonio Marin Guitar Making Competition.

Stay tuned for updates as they are posted every day on the festival’s website: