GSI Foundation Impacts Two LA Schools

Sometimes I have a lot of things going on in my life.  So I just play the violin because it is so beautiful and gets out my stress.
– Sara, Fourth Grade Student

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 11.47.10 AMWith major support from the GSI Foundation, more than 200 children at both Calvert Street Elementary and Micheltorena Street Elementary schools were given the opportunity to experience musical growth over the past year.

Kirk Nascimento the Principal of Calvert Elementary concluded, “I can go on and on about how our kids are improving in other areas because of this, and I think it’s just a great gift to the school.” Music’s importance in the academic setting, and its importance in the lives of children is undeniable to these principals, teachers and especially students, all whom experienced the fruits of this art in a personal way.

The GSI Foundation believes in the power that music has to empower students to feel confident in their abilities, dedicated to their passions, and focused on hard work (as well as the power it has to inspire musical expression of course), which is why the Foundation will continue to support local music programs in any way possible moving forward. Please support the Foundation’s mission to improve local school music programs in the Los Angeles area. To make a generous contribution to the GSI Foundation and help progress its mission, simply send your guitar to us and we’ll handle the rest. If you think you may have such a guitar (or more than one), please contact any of us folks at GSI, and we will assist you in packing and shipping your instrument. We will cover all expenses and provide you with a tax-deductible donation letter good for your 2014 tax year.

Find out How Music Lessons Can Impact Your Child, and learn more About Children’s Music Workshop to see if you could lend your support to our cause.

Sendak Band 2013-14 - 7

Please gain a broader perspective of how much the GSI Foundation impacted Calvert Elementary and Micheltorena Elementary.

Thank you for considering supporting the musical arts!