Highlights Summarizing the Classical Guitar Virtual Showcase!

Thank you to everyone who tuned in to the live broadcast of the 1st Lead Guitar Classical Guitar Showcase last Saturday. We hope that you enjoyed the show. We’ve got a lot of positive feedback despite small technical issues connected with streaming music online. We’d like to summarize the key aspects of the showcase for those of you who haven’t had a chance to listen to the broadcast yet.

The Classical Guitar Showcase featured performances from Lead Guitar students from many different states as well as prominent guitarists from around the world. All players had the unique opportunity to perform together in a mass ensemble with three of the world’s best guitarists: Sergio Vallín of Maná, Alex De Grassi and Sérgio Assad. All three legendary guitarists also participated in interviews during which they provided valuable advice and inspired younger guitar students. Organizing this showcase during a pandemic wasn’t easy. Many of the Lead Guitar students didn’t have a guitar at home to practice on for several weeks. To address this barrier, the GSI Foundation donated over 50 Cordoba C-3 guitars that went directly to children in the Chicago area who needed an instrument.

The first performance of the show was Alex De Grassi who performed two pieces: An old Irish tune, Sí Beag, Sí Mór, and his own composition, Mr. B Takes a Walk in the Rain (Listen at 18:22 of the Showcase).

After these performances, De Grassi was then joined by the Lead Guitar students and guitar players from around the world in a mass ensemble video of Beethoven’s Ode To Joy:

Alexis M. is a talented Lead Guitar student from Chicago who has only been playing the guitar for 8 months! Her beautiful performance, Etude No. 7 by Ferdinando Carulli, was the next showcase in the program.

After Alexis’s performance, the host, Denis Azabagic, conducted an interview in Spanish with Sergio Vallín of Maná. The interview was followed by Sergio’s performance of two short excerpts from a piece which he composed for his daughter when she was little, called “Historias de una nena”. After that, Sergio performed in a duo with Elishia Perosa the famous Gounod’s Ave Maria. Music is a shared experience and Sergio and Elishia reminded us how important it is to play together with others (Listen to this performance at 47:00 of the showcase).

Oye Como Va by Carlos Santana was the second mass ensemble play-along video with Sergio Vallín as a soloist.

Dave Redick is a music teacher who works in Chicago. He was interviewed by the host and the co-founder of Lead Guitar, Brad Richter. Dave started a Lead Guitar program which currently has around 200 students! (Listen at 57:40 of the Virtual Showcase)

An interview and performance of Sérgio Assad was the last point of the showcase. Sérgio Assad talked about his newest piece titled Kaleidokithara. (Listen to the performance and the interview with Sérgio Assad at 1:04:00)


Full Recording of the Lead Guitar Virtual Showcase

Highlights from the showcase