Tim Miklaucic Becomes a Board Member of Lead Guitar!


Lead Guitar’s Executive Director Brad Richter and Tim Miklaucic from GSI Foundation

As many of you remember, last year we announced our new partnership with another nonprofit, Lead Guitar, the organization that created new learning opportunities for students in public schools with limited access to art programs. Quickly, it became clear to us that both the GSI Foundation and Lead Guitar share common goals, as both organizations serve students from low socioeconomic backgrounds and underserved communities. Since the beginning of our partnership, we’ve managed to support five schools in Los Angeles: Van Nuys Elementary, Carlos Santana Elementary, Holmes Middle School, Sendak Elementary, and eCALS High School.

Denis Azabagić, concert artist and Lead Guitar Regional Director at Carlos Santana Arts Academy, Los Angeles

As we’ve been working together over the past several months with Lead Guitar, Brad Richter (Lead Guitar’s executive director) and us came to a mutual conclusion that our CEO, Tim Miklaucic, would be a great addition to Lead Guitar’s executive board due to his vast business and philanthropic experience. We hope that this decision is going to expand the reach of Lead Guitar’s programs, especially in California, where Lead Guitar is still new to students. We also hope for this to be a learning experience for us, which will allow us to provide even more support and care to other partnership programs. We realize that, in addition to providing high-quality musical education to students from low socioeconomic backgrounds, we also create teaching and performance opportunities for pedagogues who seek professional development and artists who want to share their music with Lead Guitar students and families.

The GSI Foundation has been helping Lead Guitar programs by providing financial support and gifts in the form of instrument donations. If you’d like to make an impact in the lives of students in the Los Angeles area, donate to the GSI Foundation now to help ensure funding for programs like these! We accept tax deductible guitar donations and financial support.

Brad Richter, Executive Director of Lead Guitar, visits LAUSD alongside Jaxon Williams.