Year Three with Children’s Music Workshop!

For our third year in a row, we’ll be working with Children’s Music Workshop, this year bringing music programs to children at Castle Heights, Brockton, and Calvert Elementary schools.  These programs have served hundreds of grateful students, and has helped students succeed in all areas of school.  Don’t take it from us, though, listen to what the kids have to say:

“Sometimes I have a lot of things going on in my life.  So I just play [music] because it is so beautiful and gets out my stress.”  -Sara, Calvert Elementary

“Thank you for putting your time into teaching us the ukulele.  On Monday, getting excited for ukulele class is the best part of the day.” -Ryan, Castle Heights Elementary   


If you would like to join us in bringing joy to more students through music classes, click here to donate to the GSI Foundation or contact us at